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Visitation Must be as Frequent as Possible

Visitation must be as frequent as possible consistent with the well being of the child. This is the law. Does a social worker’s schedule or budget cuts or scheduling difficulties trump the “as frequent as possible” requirement? No.

Visits as frequent as possible says what it means. If it is possible, is should occur. Is it possible to get a relative approved to do the visits? Yes. Does this happen? Rarely. Is it possible to squeeze an extra hour in addition to the minimum visitation allotment being that the visitation supervisor is already there, the facility is open and everyone is present? Yes. Is this attempted, considered or strived for on most occasions? No.

The courts must be urged for additional visitation at all times with motions to the court coupled with case law and scientific articles to support the request for more visitation.

Studies have shown that frequent visitation IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD. These studies must be presented to social workers and courts so that they become educated about the science that backs up the legal arguments and motions presented before the courts.

Attorneys and social workers have become complacent. It is too easy for many attorneys to just accept the minimum requirement and stop pushing for more frequent visitation. In the face of scientific articles or testimony setting the foundation for the great need between increased frequent visitation, social services will be hard pressed to come up with an acceptable answer for the court to not grant increased visitation. Continue reading

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